All of these units rely almost entirely on funds raised from the general public
to meet their operating and 
expansion costs, in numerous 
and sometimes inventive ways.
Above - Local Rugby Club in Nassau, Bahamas, pushed inshore rescue boat 25 miles in a sponsored "Pushathon".

Left - Beach Picnic at Sint Maarten.

The basic philosophy of such fundraising is that the people who may need help should be the primary source of funds for providing it. THIS MEANS YOU, IF YOU GO OR PLAN TO GO CRUISING IN OR FLYING OVER THESE BEAUTIFUL WATERS.  Worldwide, this tradition is well established - the RNLI in UK and Ireland and the KNRM in The Netherlands have each been very successful for over 175 years in this manner.

A US tax-exempt, Sec 501(c)(3) organization, SEARCH AND RESCUE CHARITABLE FOUNDATION, known by its acronym SEARCH, was formed in 1977 in order for US persons (individuals, private foundations, yacht clubs, corporations, etc.) to be able to make US tax-deductible donations for the benefit of these non-US, charitable, volunteer SAR units in the Bahamas/Caribbean region.  Since then, SEARCH has raised over $1-million from the caring and generous US public, who realize the benefits obtainable from helping these dedicated volunteers.
A copy of SEARCH's tax-exempt status Determination Letter may be obtained from the organization.

Financial assistance given to the SAR units by SEARCH has contributed to lifeboats and their equipment, rescue base stations, radio communication systems, 
training workshops and conferences of SAR units, both regional and worldwide and to US public awareness.

The latest information about SEARCH can be found in its Newsletters, the latest two of which can be viewed at NL67and NL68(These are "pdf" files, readable with Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have that program, it may be downloaded free from the Adobe website: ).

The kind of RESCUE that the voluntary SAR organizations may encounter is well illustrated by this case report (also a "pdf" file)

If you would like to join SEARCH's growing list of caring donors, please send your US tax-deductible donation today to:
    PMB 1313, 1811 NW 51 ST  HNGR 42D
    FT LAUDERDALE FL 33309-7136               Tel: (242)362.1574      Fax: (242)362.2044

The suggested scale of donation categories reflects the US tax-deductibility of donations to SEARCH, as against
subscriptions direct to the local, volunteer units, which are not US tax-deductible:
    $50 for Contributor, $100 for Associate, $500 Fellow, $1,000 Sponsor, etc.,
    there being no upper limit!  Even inshore lifeboats cost upwards from $75,000.

Please print out the form and send it today with your generous check, made out simply to SEARCH.  You will receive back a formal receipt, a decal and certificate and the knowledge and satisfaction that you have played your part in providing improved life-saving service to the marine and aviation community in the SW North Atlantic and Caribbean, including possibly yourself and your family and friends.  THANK YOU!


A copy of SEARCH’s official Florida or New York registration and financial report may be obtained from the organization or from either the Division of Consumer Services, 1.800.HELP.FLA in Florida or the Office of the Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York NY 10271.  Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by either State.   E.I. #: 13/2911153.  Florida Registration #: CH 1100.